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CFA Institute Members: Be part of the 2015 Global market Sentiment Survey on key Future of Finance Topics. Check your email for the survey invitation to share your perspectives on expected market sentiment, performance, and integrity issues in 2015.

Six "Money Mentors" and two "Basics of Investing" presenters volunteered at the State's largest-ever Money Conference on Saturday, October 11 at UMass Boston. Thank you!
Buying Lubrizol: A look At David Sokol's Trades: Friday, 11/7: FREE for BSAS Members
FSOC has scheduled both executive and open meetings for 6 October to consider “systemically important” designations for nonbank financial entities, including asset managers.
See CFA Institute Policy Alert.

Mohamed El-Erian will be featured speaker on January 27.
Sponsorship, Tables, and Tickets available now

October 21: Richard Thompson discusses "Patience in Investing" followed by reception. 

Read the October issue of BSAS News and Notes.

Looking for qualified charterholders to share their expertise on industry topics.
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