Three simple letters that mean so much more than the words behind them. Ask any one of the 125,000 charterholders around the world who’ve earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation and they’ll proudly tell you why they put those letters after their names.

As CFA charterholders, we put investors first all year long. This is highlighted during CFA Institute's globally recognized Putting Investors First Month each May. We fervently support CFA Institute's mission to generate awareness around protecting investor interests and ensuring that all investment professionals understand their role.

Join us as we educate others about the importance of investor rights and how CFA charterholders contribute to a better future of finance. Working together, we can heighten our impact on the profession and its path forward.

Use our collection of Tactics, Tools & Tips to:
  • Have a more informed dialogue with your colleagues and clients about investor rights — and why ethics is so important to the future of finance.
  • Share this information on social media and participate in the conversation by using #CFADifference. 
  • Play an active role in celebrating with BSAS as we recognize CFA Institute's Putting Investors First Month in and around Boston. 

With a rigorous certification program, a strict ethical code, and an unparalleled understanding of client needs, it is no wonder that those three letters truly make a difference that matters.

Staement of Investor Rights:

Ethics and integrity CFA Charterholders bring to the relationship.

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What to Expect:

Ten key benefits of working with a CFA charterholder.

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Ethical Mindfulness:

A guide for new financial services professionals.

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Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct:

Committed to ethical behavior and the protection of investors' interests.

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Integrity List:

50 actions you can take to build trust and enhance your firm's reputation.

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Are you a Visionary Director?:

A checklist for building shareholder value.

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