BSAS Name Change to CFA Society Boston
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will the new name be and when will it be effective? 
A. We will legally change the name of the corporation to CFA Society Boston, Inc. as of January 1, 2017.
Q.  Why are we changing our name?
A.  The Board of Directors believes that a name change is in the best interest of our 5,600 members. Benefits include:
  - 55 percent of respondents from our recent member survey indicated that promotion of the CFA Charter was the most important benefit of membership.
  - A more accurate description of our organization because our members represent multiple disciplines in investment management industry such as portfolio management, risk management, and compliance.
  Greater local and global brand awareness of our organization.
  Better alignment with a global community of investment professionals.
  A clearer identity that provides a stronger and more consistent voice globally for an effective investment profession.
  Enhanced outreach capabilities.
Q.  How will re-branding benefit the members of the society? 
A.  The worldwide brand awareness and recognition associated with the CFA charter and CFA Institute brand is extremely valuable. For example, CFA Institute has embarked on a global branding campaign to strengthen not only the name recognition of the CFA charter, but also recognition of the standards it represents in the investment profession. A closer alignment to CFA Institute will also enhance our ability to influence the broader investment management profession through our programs and outreach.
Q.  Will re-branding affect the Society's mission? 
A.  Our mission will remain the same. In fact, capitalizing on CFA Institute’s brand recognition helps to promote that we strive to be a community of investment professionals that promotes the highest ethical standards, best practices and professional development of current and future members.
Q.  Are members voting on this? 
A.  No. Per the BSAS bylaws, a name change to the corporation requires a 75 percent majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board voted unanimously on this topic earlier this month.
Q.  Didn't the BSAS membership vote on this issue in 2013?  
A.  No. This question has never been put to a formal vote of the membership in the past. BSAS and its leaders have done extensive research through member surveys and member focus groups to gauge the member sentiment on re-branding. In the 2013 survey, nearly 70 percent of BSAS members felt that a name change which includes CFA branding would be beneficial, the Board strongly believes that now is the time to move forward with CFA Society Boston, Inc.
Q.  How will this affect our relationship with CFA Institute?
A. Our legal entity will remain separate from CFA Institute, though we will continue to work closely in regards to member services and candidate services.
Q.  How will this change affect the governance of our society?
A. The governance of our society will remain the same after changing the name to CFA Society Boston. There will be no changes to our Bylaws apart from changing the name of the Society. Therefore, control of our society will continue to rest with the society and its membership as governed by the Bylaws.
Q. What does this mean for non-CFA charterholder members?  
A.  We continue to be an inclusive organization that welcomes all professionals in the investment industry in greater Boston. This change will not change our membership categories. See membership qualifications for our four membership categories (Regular, Affiliate, Adjunct, and Student).
Q.  Did CFA Institute encourage our Board to re-brand?
A.  CFA Institute re-branded in 2012 and in 2016 launched a branding campaign to promote the Charter worldwide. While CFA Institute supports our decision, this decision was made and voted on by the BSAS Board of Directors.
Q.  How much will the re-branding cost the organization? 
A.  Fortunately, BSAS was about to embark on a branding campaign in response to member feedback that branding and recognition of the charter is the most valuable benefit of membership. By combining a name change with overall branding messages, the budget should not exceed the pre-planned marketing expenditure. At the same time, BSAS will do its best to keep costs for re-branding low. A project plan that will outline the administrative and operational changes is being developed.
Q. How will we preserve the history of BSAS? 
A.  BSAS, founded in 1946, and a founding society of CFA Institute, will always be a part of the investment industry history of Boston. Re-branding will not change our history and traditions; we will always recognize our start, how far we’ve come since then, and the impact we continue to make on the local investment community.