Why You Need The BSAS Practice Exam

With a qualified team of question-writers, our exams focus on the most recent Body of Knowledge® and test formats. The BSAS Practice Exam has proven to be a valuable study tool for candidates preparing for the exam. 

  • Full-length, properly formatted practice exam based on the 2016 Learning Outcome Statements® with both morning and afternoon sections
  • Detailed answer key with curriculum references, explanations and calculations (when appropriate)

Online Test Bank - Levels I & II

Features include: 
  • Questions separated by subject matter
  • Unlimited use of the test bank between the time of purchase and the actual exam*
  • Immediate or delayed grading
  • Timing feature
  • Detailed answer key that references specific readings and Learning Outcome Statements
  • The ability to start up where you left off on a particular exam
  • Automatic scoring
  • Written by CFA charterholders, who are also members of BSAS and CFA Institute

*Once you are registered, you will receive access information on the bottom of your confirmation email. Access to the BSAS Online Test Bank is granted until the date of the next CFA Exam (determined by date of purchase). This is a bank of the past three years of BSAS practice exams. The practice exams are based on the Learning Outcome Statements® for the specified year. Please note that some Learning Outcome Statements may not be contained in the 2016 Body of Knowledge.® The test bank will not provide you with an actual grade.   

BSAS Scholarships

BSAS awards SIX scholarships for the June 2017 Level I exam. Each scholarship includes the CFA exam fees and the Kaplan Schweser Boston Weekly Review Program. Please note that the BSAS reserves the right to schedule an interview to assess a candidate's qualifications. Next deadline: November 20, 2016.

CFA Institute's
Access and Awareness Scholarships

BSAS is a member of the
CFA Institute Approved Prep Provider Program.

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Live Practice Exam
November 19, 2016

Local CFA Societies

For over 30 years, the Boston Security Analysts Society (BSAS) has been a leading provider of CFA® Exam preparation materials (Levels I, II & III). Last year, the BSAS Practice Exam was used by more than 3,000 candidates worldwide and 46 local societies from around the globe. To learn more about available options for local societies, click here.


"I highly recommend the BSAS Practice Exam as a way to further strengthen one's understanding of the CFA exam material. Having had success using the BSAS Practice Exams at both Levels II and III in the final month of preparation, I consider it a key ingredient in my secret sauce for achieving my desired outcome for the CFA Program, i.e. passing all 3 levels of the CFA Exam on first attempt in 18 months. Thank you so much BSAS! I couldn't have done it without you."

"After spending months reviewing the practice problems provided by the CFA Institute, it can be difficult to determine whether incremental improvements have led to better performance versus simply having memorized the solutions to those practice problems. The BSAS Practice Exam provided a fresh perspective to exam preparation with new problems that can only improve performance on test day."

"The BSAS Practice Exam helped me tremendously in my study process for the CFA Level II Exam. Getting to practice in an exam day-like environment with questions that matched the 6 question vignette format was extremely beneficial."