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The Boston Security Analysts Society’s Financial Literacy Initiative is a community outreach program designed to consolidate valuable financial literacy content and make it widely available as a resource to the general investing public.
  • Over 100 BSAS members – all financial professionals – volunteer to develop, market, and distribute educational modules to improve financial literacy 
  • The initiative is topic-driven and targets people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Content is designed to help people facing important financial decisions (buying a car, buying a home, investing for retirement, financial budgeting, etc.) 
  • The program addresses issues such as Personal Finance, Basics of Investing, Retirement, Bonds vs. Equities, Choosing a Bank, and more


Our Financial Literacy volunteers are interested in helping wherever they can make an impact.
  • We partner with organizations who serve well-matched audiences
  • We have relationships with local colleges and non-profit adult educational organizations
  • We partner with the State of Massachusetts Treasurer's Office to present and serve as Money Mentors at their Money Conferences
Pictured to the right (Presenting at The Money Conference, sponsored by the State Treasurer's Office: BSAS Members Leah Hirshfield, CFA, Pamela Yang, CFA, Jean Lu, CFA, and Stephanie Torski, CFA).


Financial illiteracy is rampant among both young and seasoned professionals.
  • At BSAS, one of our key missions is to better serve a broader investing community
  • We challenged ourselves to create financial education resources that reach beyond our members – to bridge the financial literacy gap and help people land on their feet
  • Our goal is help the investing public be more financially savvy

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